The Opportunity

If you think about it, broadcast and cable TV have a problem.  They can only deliver one show at a time.  So every show needs the biggest audience it can draw. Traditional TV can’t possibly serve big kids’ distinct, individual tastes. It’s a mass medium.

The Internet isn’t. Online every single child can watching something different. When big kids discover new favorites, they can immediately share them with friends. The Internet is an opportunity to serve 6-to-11 year olds in amazing, enriching new ways.

WONDERREEL means to seize that opportunity.  We’re not just moving the “same old” online. We’re not focus-grouping for hits. Together with innovative creators all over the world, we’re using digital technology to offer kids broad choice and deliver awesome experiences with video and film.

We hope you’ll read on to learn what we’re creating and why we know kids will love it. We hope your kids will help us make WONDERREEL terrific by joining our online media workshop, TEAM WONDERREEL. And we hope you’ll join the grassroots campaign to bring WONDERREEL to kids in the US and around the globe.