Because 6-12s deserve smart entertainment.

People who know and love kids 6-12 know that each one has interests & tastes & passions all her own. Big kids deserve entertainment choices that feed and spark those interests.

What’s incredible is, those shows exist! All over the world, filmmakers produce children’s films and TV programs packed with the experiences, facts and fabulous stories kids crave–tales of

  • adventure
  • suspense
  • drama
  • nature and the environment
  • art and music
  • science and inventions
  • even news.

That’s the heart of WONDERREEL—smart entertainment for big kids.

WONDERREEL will bring big kids awesome films and TV from creators all over the world—from Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Sweden, India, England, Spain and more. Cartoons. Thrillers. True-life tales. Smart entertainment from a big kid’s point of view.

We’re not talking about entertainment designed solely to keep kids watching. These are stories that respect the complicated feelings and thoughts of 6-to-11s as they encounter

  • new ideas,
  • new interests,
  • places with new expectations,
  • new friends–and people who aren’t so friendly.


That’s why we can’t build it without you and your kids.

Together we’ll bring WONDERREEL to life. We’ll make screen time as fun, as endearing, as smart as our kids.