Your Children, Your Values

The images and messages in film and TV can make important impressions on young people. They can

  • help kids understand life around them,
  • offer models for dealing with tough situations and
  • fill in details about the mysteries of society and the world.

This matters ever more as children’s lives start to move outside the home.

At WONDERREEL, we believe children’s entertainment should offer variety and diversity. That’s why we’re curating a broad multicultural collection from all across the globe.

But we also know that values differ from family to family. A show that some parents find refreshingly bold might seem inappropriate in another home.

So WONDERREEL will provide powerful, easy-to-use parental information and controls.  With a simple tap (or click), you’ll be able to

  • learn about any show in our collection.
  • get specific information about sights and sounds that some parents might find provocative.
  • preview shows in advance to see whether they’re appropriate–for all your kids or child-by-child.
  • be prepared to talk with your kids about shows you approve.
  • quickly block shows you don’t want your children to watch.

It’s always entirely up to you. Helping you cultivate your family’s values is one of our fundamental values.  That’s why we invite your family to join our community of co-creators, Team WONDERREEL.