With so much stuff out there already, will kids watch WONDERREEL?

Yes. And here’s how we know.


Research and real life both show that big kids — 6-to-12-year-olds — have vast, ever-changing and sometimes really intense interests. Jungles. Sailing ships. Castles. Camels. Music. Monsters. Soccer, squids, soldiers, secrets, magic. Football, Minecraft, sketching. Galaxies far far away. Horses, hockey, history.

Above all, there are the mysteries of friendship and family, older sisters, kid brothers, parents, teachers, being understood.

And every child is different.

It might be hard to believe if you’ve only seen American TV and movies, but all over the world, filmmakers speak to kids about all these ideas–in stories and images and language that kids understand. Every child won’t like everything, and that’s the whole point. With digital technology, each girl and boy can discover stories that grab them, explore subjects that engage them, and share their enthusiasms with friends.

Streaming video can do better than repeat shows that big kids have already been watching on cable for years–or make new “mass-market content” that’s just about the same.

Streaming video can, and WONDERREEL will. That’s entirely what we’re about.

  • About inviting big kids to go different and go deep.
  • About helping big kids feel less alone in the dramas of their own daily lives in and out of school–years before middle-school romance even crosses their minds.
  • About surprising and delighting and involving big kids with shows that respect them as smart, caring, growing-up people.

There will always be time for undersea sponges and underground turtles and grumpy cats and superheroes and even pastel ponies. There will be time for unboxing and skateboard stunts. WONDERREEL isn’t about replacing things kids enjoy. It’s about giving big kids a choice.

Don’t believe us? Take a look…

…then read more about the kids in that video here.