We Can Do This

WONDERREEL has a simple business model:

  • We choose to be family-supported–beholden to neither advertisers nor government funders. The numbers tell us this can work–even in a time of streaming-subscription “overload”–through scalable development of a high-quality service.
  • We choose to support our creators–the folks who make our shows.
    • We’ll set aside a percentage of subscription revenue for rights holders.
    • Once we’re covering our day-to-day costs, we’ll set even more revenue aside to fund new quality film and video.

WONDERREEL doesn’t look like any children’s media project investors have ever seen.

  • because we’re not paid for
    • with ads
    • by selling spin-off toys.
    • by taxpayers (or government bureaucrats)
    • by asking for handouts.
  • because we see children–and the Internet–differently.
    • Historically, kids’ media companies have sought to attract all children to a few massive hits.
    • WONDERREEL will use digital technology to serve each child individually, to provide personal streams of entertainment that meet each child’s unique interests, tastes, and cognitive/emotional development.
  • because don’t need millions of subscribers, or dollars, to get started. . .
  • . . .or to survive. (We.’ve got those numbers too.)

We can make this happen–and we’d love for your family to take part.  Team WONDERREEL is the community of kids, families, filmmakers and friends committed to bringing personal, global online entertainment to kids 6 to 12. Join us in creating WONDERREEL.