Isn’t there enough video for kids online?

Well, there’s lots of video for kids online–that’s for sure.  But one of our colleagues calls it cooked-spaghetti programming: throw stuff against the wall and see if it sticks.

YouTube provides kids delicious little video snacks. Netflix and Amazon invite them to binge on shows they’ve already seen on TV and at the movies (plus a few originals, to be fair).  Soon big companies like Disney and Warner Bros. will be opening their own services, providing scads and scads of familiar brands and characters.

WONDERREEL offers an alternative–a child-savvy experience where kids can make discoveries that simply aren’t available anywhere else.  Other services push kids toward more-of-the-same.  We’ll nudge viewers toward something different–something new–something challenging or informative or simply lovely to see. We’ll support kids’ individual interests and tastes — not just swamp them with this month’s popular property.  Will WONDERREEL displace any of the major commercial services? Nope–and that’s not our intention. What we want is for kids to have a choice.