What is Planet WONDERREEL?

“Planet Wonderreel” is a website where grownups who know and love kids can learn about WONDERREEL—and also lend their support.

WONDERREEL is unlike any other project in the history of children’s media. We’re making new uses of digital technology. We’re searching the world for terrific shows that otherwise might never be seen in the US. We don’t even care if they’re “hits”–as long as there are kids who find them fun, engaging, even rewarding. Every show will be available in its original language, in English, and before long, in Spanish too.

All this makes WONDERREEL an expensive project to launch. We’re not going to show ads to children. We’re not taking government money either. WONDERREEL will be supported by the families it serves, through monthly subscriptions. So it’s important to demonstrate to our backers that moms, dads, grandparents and everybody who loves kids believe in WONDERREEL and want their kids to have this rich entertainment alternative.

But Planet Wonderreel is more than that. It’s a place where the people who make WONDERREEL can stay in touch with the people who entrust their kids to us during screen time. We are dedicated to serving children and their families. We want to hear from you—your ideas, your concerns and, well, sure, your praise too!