Is WONDERREEL educational?

All over the world, from Chile to China, Pakistan to Poland, independent filmmakers and public broadcasters make amazing, hilarious, thrilling, enlightening films and series. They shoot adventures, mysteries, drama, animation, documentaries–even news reported by kids. These producers take children as seriously as HBO or Discovery take grownups. They don’t talk down to kids. They honor their smarts.

WONDERREEL is designed to make shows like that available to big kids in the US and beyond.

Are these shows “educational”? Well, most don’t have a school-style curriculum. They’re made to entertain or inform, not to teach. Certainly many would be welcome in a classroom or homeschooling environment. But we’re presenting them in the belief that shows like these can

  • broaden children’s horizons,
  • provide food for thought,
  • help them grow into interested, interesting citizens of tomorrow and,
  • above all, delight them!