What’s wrong with broadcast or cable/satellite TV for kids?

Well, let’s just say there are some providers doing the best they can with the technology at their disposal.

But broadcast and cable/satellite are hampered by the simple fact that they can only show one program at a time.  So their programs need to have mass appeal.  They need hits.

The Internet changes that. A digital service can offer thousands of shows at a time to hundreds of thousands of kids–anytime, anywhere. We can provide infinitely more choice than broadcast or cable/satellite. Even better, we can bring just the right shows to every child.

Both such choice and such targeting are feasible right now– but no major streaming service takes advantage of the opportunity. True choice runs against their more-of-the-same business models.  They hope for “hits”–just like old-fashioned mass-market TV.

Choice, on the other hand, and each child’s individual delight are the bedrock of WONDERREEL’s business model. We intend to take full advantage of the possibilities digital technology affords.